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Wind Farm Hellegatsplein The Netherlands

Wind Farm Hellegatsplein

Wind farm Hellegatsplein
  • Client: Qurrent
  • Operational from 2015
  • 4 wind turbines
  • Turbine type Alstom Eco 110
  • Total capacity 12 MW

Green Trust is involved in consulting and project management during the following project phases:
  • Engineering
  • Contracting and procurement
  • Construction
Rass Butt
"The collaboration with Green Trust arose when  the wind farm Hellegatsplein entered the permit process for construction of the park. Green Trust has done the technical building management.  During this proces relationship management and contract management were also added. The broad expertise and manpower of Green Trust unburden us in the intensive phases of the project such as the construction of the wind farm. We have together invested a lot in good relations with all parties, from contractors to licensing authorities, to get on the same page. That worked well, that’s why important decisions were made relatively quickly in the construction phase. Together we created the wind farm for energy cooperation Qurrent within budget and within the time schedule. I definitely expect to build more wind farms with Green Trust in the future. "