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Adrie has a long experience as a commercial / administrative assistant and management assistant. She is very accurate, organized and hardworking and since 2000 has been employed in the wind energy sector. First at WEOM (2000-2007), then at Nuon Wind Development (2007-2015). Due to this unique combination of commercial talent and  wind energy experience she has become an enormously valuable member of Green Trust team.
´Sustainable energy for me is as natural as separating household waste for recycling raw materials or bringing my own bags for groceries, so no plastic bags are needed, or using a bicycle for short distances. I believe that this lifestyle, especially when more and more people become aware of this, will have an impact on our environment/climate. At Green Trust, along with all motivated and skilled colleagues, I can make a contribution to a cleaner world. I would like to leave a  safe, healthy and livable Earth for the next generations´