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GTC producten
CAD drawings (e.g. site lay-out, cross sections, cable routes)
(Bankable) wind reports
P50 wind reports for SDE+ application
Initial energy yield assessment (initial P50/P90 calculation is optional)
Noise study, Shadow flicker study (solely based on WindPRO calculation)
Windfarm visualization report
Quick Scan analysis
Extensive feasibility study (incl. policy analysis)
Communication and/or participation plan
Financial analysis
Technical Due Diligence report
Various ITT packages (e.g. WTG, BoP, PPA, financing)
Wind farm availability analysis; calculation from scala, downtime allocation, contract verification
Wind farm performance and trend investigation; control and component health investigation, statistical issue tracking
Claim investigation 
Yield verification
Wake analysis 
TSA and SAA 
Trial period verification
Procurement and proper management of all kinds of reports that are needed as part of permitting or pre-construction processes (e.g. risk analysis, noise studies, flora and fauna studies, environmental impact assessments, radar, wind measurement campaigns, geotechnical surveys, foundation designs, electrical works designs, grid connections, etc. etc.) for clients with limited experience in the subject matter.