Dear Green Trusters & friends

We are all shocked and overwhelmed by the sudden death of our director and founding father Klaas Guldie on Friday, June 7. It is completely surreal and unimaginable. It takes time to grasp it all.

If you wish, you can leave a thought for Klaas on the condolence register for family, friends and colleagues. We really appreciate this. If you would like to send a card please send it to our office (Stationsweg 6, 6861 EG Oosterbeek), we will make sure it gets to the family.

Our thoughts are with Bianca, Lieuwe and Juno.

Team Green Trust


Lieve Green Trusters & friends

We zijn allemaal geschokt en overrompeld door het plotselinge overlijden van onze directeur en founding father Klaas Guldie op vrijdag 7 juni. Het is volslagen surrealistisch en onvoorstelbaar. Het heeft tijd nodig om dit allemaal te bevatten.

Als je wilt kun je een gedachte aan Klaas achterlaten op het condoleanceregister voor familie, vrienden en collega's. Dit stellen we erg op prijs.

Onze gedachten zijn bij Bianca, Lieuwe en Juno.

Team Green Trust

Facilitating the energy transition. That is the objective of Green Trust. We support the transition of conventional energy to renewable energy through the development of solar, wind and storage projects in a nature- and socially inclusive manner in the Netherlands and abroad. ‘Changing energy’ is our motto.

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What is Green Trust?

Green Trust was founded by Klaas Guldie and Jeroen Boerkamps in 2014 and started out with six employees. Klaas and Jeroen have a friendship that goes back to their student days at TU Delft and have years of experience in the wind energy industry, working for companies such as Weom. This is where they met Tijmen Keesmaat. After each pursuing their own career paths, Klaas and Jeroen joined forces in 2014. Tijmen was welcomed into the company in 2015.

In 2020, Green Trust celebrates its eight-year anniversary with no less than 32 employees in offices in the Netherlands, Serbia and Croatia. Our growth reflects the increase in career opportunities in the sector and the drive to step up the energy transition. Besides accelerating the transition towards a clean economy themselves, Klaas and Jeroen believe strongly in the importance of empowering people to take ownership of the energy they produce and consume. Knowledge sharing and education have been and will continue to be a key focus of Green Trust.

Our drive

Green Trust is a full-service agency for the development, construction and management of renewable energy projects, with all areas of expertise under one roof. There is one thing that connects all our colleagues: our passion for sustainable energy and the will to work together in accelerating the energy transition. Through the Green Trust Academy, and by working together with local energy cooperatives and citizens’ initiatives, we are confident we can make even more progress in the next eight years! 

What do we do?

Green Trust provides expert, no-nonsense advice across all project phases. We have the knowledge and experience to support you in every step of your energy project, from feasibility studies to asset management.

  • Feasibility
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Contracting
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Asset management
  • Re-development

Our projects & services

  • The Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Croatia

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Our people

The people of Green Trust Consultancy are what make up Green Trust. All our employees are involved in renewable energy in their own way. They get energy from their work or from sports, from music, from being outdoors or creative, or from the small things that make life worth living. Read more about what drives them on our personal pages.

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