Our people

The people of Green Trust Consultancy are what make up Green Trust. All our employees are involved in renewable energy in their own way. They get energy from their work or from sports, from music, from being outdoors or creative, or from the small things that make life worth living. Read more about what drives us on our personal pages.

Eva de Zeeuw
Marlous Nooi
Lieuwe Dragt
Jorn Goldenbeld
Klaas Guldie
Romana Madić
Gwen Ter Horst
Joost Cornelli
Peter Schoch
Annelies Wesselink
Jorick Messink
Kim Masselink
Anja Beld
Senne Koetsier
Jeroen Boerkamps
Adrie Meerveld
Willem Jaap de Vries
Lisa Hoffard
Goran Trška
Filippos Amoiralis
Bojan Antonijevic
Tijmen Keesmaat
Arlette Hercules
Kazim Dinckan
Andrija Zivulovic
Tijs Boorsma
Richard Verhoeff
Christian Holdert
Stan Reinders
Frank Stam
Antonija Knezevic
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