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Joost Cornelli

Joost has worked for the Teams Procurement  and Construction at Green Trust since its foundation and is now team leader of the Construction Team. He is involved in Wind farm Kroningswind,  Windpark A2 Lage Rooijen and Windmolen De Noord.

“Composer Max Bruch’s violin concertos are what got me into playing the violin. I started when I was nine years old. It took quite a few years before I could to play one of his concertos. You just have to keep practising. Knowing that I can do it makes me happy. I enjoy playing with an orchestra the most. Feeling that sense of collaboration and connection gives me energy. The same is true for my work at Green Trust. In order to collaborate, you have to look beyond your own interests, help each other keep pace and count on one another. It’s about creating something together and putting your heart and soul into it.”   

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