Wageningen University offers students in their final year the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams and carry out a project in a business environment. A team of students… we wouldn’t say no to that! The past few months, students have studied how shared value can be created through solar projects on agricultural land. The final presentation was held last Monday and we were very impressed!

Green Trust would like to contribute to creating shared value in the realisation of solar farms on farmland. The problem is that agricultural land is too scarce in the Netherlands to cover it with thousands of solar panels. So instead of a solar monoculture, we wanted to explore new possibilities for landscapes of the future that combine solar farms with other forms of land use. The students focused on finding new, mixed applications that include agriculture, ecology, landscape and recreation. Information was obtained from scientific articles, prominent projects and interviews with a wide range of stakeholders. We are very pleased with the result and would like to thank the team for their hard work!

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