The annual Green Trust and Friends Day took place at Thursday 23 May in Burgers Zoo. Sharing energy and getting to know each other were the ingredients of this third edition. Around 60 partners joined us at this sunny day for some inspirational lectures, a guided tour and the famous Green Trust popquiz.

Electrical Porsche
Martijn van Dijk (Voitures Extravert) kicked the day off. He quit his job as a marketer at UPC quite suddenly to search for a new passion. And he found one in creating an all electric car. But not just any car: he joined forces with Jurgen Moerman and built the Porsche 911 from scratch to an all electric car that meets modern comfort standards. He brought their first Porsche with them and all male visitors placed an order directly...

Flow Battery
Roeland Reesinck from the company Elestor told us more about the Elestor solution for cheap and sustainable energy storage: a flow battery using hydrogen and bromine. The Elestor solution is robust, has a long lifetime, no self-discharge and delivers power quickly. When used frequently, storage costs per kWh are low.

Climate change
NOS climate correspondent Heleen Ekkers asks four weathermen- and woman about there personal worries on climate change in her boek 'Gevoelstemperatuur'. Why are they worried and what are they doing at home to be more sustainable? As a bonus we all received the book as a gift!

The day ended with a guided tour around Burgers Zoo and after dinner and an exciting popquiz, everybody went home inspired!

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