22 July 2021

Team Asset Management expanded

Does it look like you're seeing double? Don't worry it's just the expansion of Team Asset Management!  There's not just one, but two new members in it's team! Kazim Dinckan and Roel Westendorp are the two new stars of the team that manages the wind and solar farms. 

Hollywood star
Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? Is it a Holleywood Star? No, it's Roel! He's an experienced asset manager with around 15 years of experience in sustainable energy. You might also know him from the (computer) screen. He played the lead role in a Pure Energie commercial and took Shelly Sterk all the way up in a wind turbine for a television program. After 15 years working for Pure Energie, he decided to work at Green Trust and we're very happy with that!

Kazim Dinckan (31) is the other addition to the team. He used to install and inspect solar panels for the companies Feenstra and Esbe Solar. At Green Trust he will be working on a combination of wind and solar energy. He joined the team in May this year.

About Team Asset Management
Team Asset Management manages at the moment 52 wind turbines and one solar farm, but with the two new colleagues, this number will probably grow exponentially. Filippos, Senne, Jeroen and now Kazim and Roel are together this team that's always ready to jump in and avoid any kWh loss!

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