Energetic, fantastic, a wonderful reunion, injury sensitive due to the ball pit and full of green glitter! That's how our Green Trusters described our 10th anniversary celebrated with the GreenLands Festival at Luxor. And we couldn't describe it any better. What a party and what great people were present.

We started the day with inspiring stories by Mark van Baal of Follow This and Monique Sweep of Coöperatie Deltawind. Then the Green Trust quiz was won by 'the techies', Steef van Baalen and Wybran Jansen, and the winners of the Green Trust awards were praised: Ton Vrijdag, Wim Robbertsen, Philip Goetheer, Luc Schurmann, Pim de Ridder and Monique Sweep. The evening included delicious food from Pick up catering and Falma van Houten, music from THE Green Trust Band 'The Big Announcement', Never4ever, the Dollarsband, Chris Deluxe, DJ Igmar and DJ D'angelo who rocked the ball pit disco. Congratulations to all Green Trusters and of course an extra congratulations to our Founding Fathers, Klaas Guldie, Tijmen Keesmaat and Jeroen Boerkamps.

Did you miss Greenlands'24? Very unfortunate of course... but there are already rumors going around about a GreenLands'29 or '34. Who knows, maybe we'll see you there!

Photos: Nina Tulp Photography

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