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Over the past years, we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of clients on many different projects. (See the map above for an overview of the projects we have been involved in!)

Green Trust provides expert, no-nonsense advice across all project phases of wind energy projects. We have the knowledge and experience to support you in every step of your energy project, from feasibility studies to asset management.

Our services include: 
Operational Management




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Green Trust offers a complete service range from the first idea to the successful implementation of a wind farm project. From location testing, determining the optimal layout or layouts to making initial output calculations and analysing financial feasibility – everything is managed and coordinated within our company. Green Trust can also investigate the possibilities for a grid connection and spatial integration of the wind turbines or wind farm, taking into account all identified obstacles - both nature and human. The result is a complete and realistic picture of the viability of your project.

Green Trust has expert knowledge and experience of all aspects of wind project development. We can provide comprehensive advice on the required project documents, such as land lease agreements, environmental permits, and environmental assessments (MER). We can also assist you in your stakeholder management efforts, communications, set up a shareholding structure and generate support for your project. During this phase, all identified obstacles are dealt with step by step in order of priority or according to damage risk estimates.

Green Trust can also provide technical support in the development of your renewable energy project. For example, in the calculation of shadow flicker and noise emission from wind turbines, yield calculations and in carrying out wind measurements. We can design the facilities required to build the wind farm, such as access roads, crane paths, cable routes, substations and grid connections. We can also provide output calculations and wind reports to obtain subsidies under the Sustainable Energy Production Stimulation (SDE) scheme or request project funding. In short, we possess the experience and the technical and civil engineering know-how to design and optimise the layout of your wind farm.

Thanks to our years of experience in wind power, Green Trust has its own tender contracts for wind turbines, solarfields and electrical and civil engineering work. For wind turbine projects, we predominantly make use of the long-established FIDIC Yellow Book contract (Plant and Design-Build), the most commonly used type of contract in the international wind market. Contract negotiation and providing accurate specifications of the work to be carried out is something we excel in. Our point of departure is always to negotiate the best contract conditions and guarantees for our clients. In short, we ensure that you get the best quality at a fair price, within the right risk management framework.

Financial support from different parties is needed in order to get a wind energy project off the ground. This calls for specific knowledge of the conditions and requirements for funding as well as the financing process itself. Green Trust has a wealth of knowledge in this area and can provide valuable support in structuring your wind project. We have developed a financial model, which has been audited by the Rebel Group, to guide you through the financial process with optimal efficiency. We can also assist you with tendering for contracts or renegotiating the terms of your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Green Trust has been involved in the preparation and construction of numerous wind farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Kenya, Italy and South Africa. We have developed tools that offer clients a cost-effective way to benefit from effective reports and document management. When it comes to the construction and installation of wind farms, our objective is always to complete each project safely, on time and within budget.

Asset management
Green Trust can provide you with asset management advice to ensure all contractual obligations regarding the wind or solar farm are met in a manner that serves the best interests of your project. Our goal is always to achieve the best results for our clients. We ensure our wind farms function optimally and are managed in such a way to achieve the highest possible profit for the owner. In addition, we maximise results by maintaining the highest health, safety and environment (HSE) standards. This is not only our duty, it is an indispensable precondition for the optimal performance of wind farms.

Some energy projects can benefit from re-development. For example, because of new subsidy schemes or more efficient wind turbines. Re-development often involves repeating a number of project phases. You will need to apply for a new environmental permit, make new output calculations to compare the new situation with the existing one, negotiate new contacts, secure funding for the project, and so on. Are you considering re-developing your wind project? Green Trust can provide you with optimum support. Our goal is to work with you to build on your project and maximise its potential.

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