19 maart 2020

Changing energy despite corona

The offices in Oosterbeek (the Netherlands) and Belgrade (Serbia) are normally very loud but now it's silent. There's nobody sitting at the big lunch table. There's no sound of the pingpongballs on the table tennistable, or the big cheering that comes along with winning a point. The megaphone is being stored and the phones aren't ringing. Usually the 27 Green Trusters crawl their way all the way through the world: from North to South Holland and from Ireland to Belgium and Croatia, but off course we're all working from home now. Fortunately we can still work together through digital solutions such as Microsoft Teams. And some creativity came up as well, since we broadcasted the information gathering for the bond loan of Windpark Egchelse Heide through local television. 

Windpark Egchelse Heide in the living room
The information gathering for the bond loan for Windpark Egchelse Heide was supposed to be cancelled due to the corona virus. But why postpone when you can also present in front of local television? Viewers were able to ask their questions by phone, so it still became an interactive session and the event could go through! You can still watch (in Dutch) via Youtube

Unfortunately, we do have to cancel some events. The Green Trust Academy in April will be postponed till further notice. And the opening of Windpark Spinderwind will be cancelled. 

Take care of each other
We're still available and working from home. You can reach us through e-mail, FaceTime, Skype, Teams or any other digital device. Unlike normal times, we'd rather keep some distance from you now. In these crazy times we realize how important our health actually is and how we should really look after each other. We're in it together. Together in the battle against corona and together working for the energy transition. We really wish to stand should by shoulder again, but until then we wish you health and safety and we're looking forward to seeing you on a digital screen!

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