Last week, Green Trusters paid a site visit to Energy Landscape de Grift. Our Solutions and Asset management Team visited to see how their drawings came to life and how cable pooling works.

Energy landscape de Grift

This energy landscape consists of Windpark Nijmegen Betuwe and Solar Field de Grift in Nijmegen. Both energy parks were set up by Wiek-II and are owned by Energy cooperation WPN. This cooperative consists of more than 1,500 members who together own the energy park with their wind and solar shares.

Cable pooling
Four wind turbines (10 MW) and about 7,000 solar panels (5 MW) generate the electricity in Energy Landscape de Grift. What is special, is that the electricity generated from wind and sun goes together through one cable to the electricity network, we call this cable pooling. This allows the park to generate energy both when the wind is blowing and when the sun is shining.

You can use cable pooling with different types of generating installations, but the combination of a wind farm and solar field or roof is the most effective. Wind farms are leading here, because it usually requires a larger connection capacity than solar installations.

The benefits of cable pooling
1. Prevents the need for a new or larger connection.
This is because wind and sun usually alternate, so they can share a connection. When it is very windy, there is usually little sun and vice versa. Only 5% of the time there is both a lot of sun and wind. If this is the case, it will be examined whether the overcapacity can be stored or a choice must be made to shut down one of the two parks to prevent overloading.

2. It provides a more stable energy supply.
Because sun and wind alternate, the annual generating profile is more balanced.

3. Both (cooperative) developers and network operators save investments
When no additional transfer stations and cables need to be installed, this of course saves time and money.

Green Trust
A cable pooling collaboration involves mutual agreements. The legal, financial and technical arrangements are laid down in an agreement. Green Trust has experience in legal and financial advice in cable pooling, but also in the management of wind and solar parks.

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