Additional safe evacuation systems have been installed in eight wind turbines at Wind Farm Egchelse Heide and the Kookepan. These systems allow mechanics and inspectors to get ready to evacuate within 10 seconds. Our Asset Management team is thus even safer during inspections: a faster and safer fireproof solution does not currently exist in the wind sector.

Super fast
Should a situation arise where the team has to decide to leave the nacelle, of course we want our inspectors to be downstairs as quickly as possible. The Evacuator allows four men at a time, or alternately, to be ready to go down in a quick time. You clip yourself onto the descent system and can then go down at about one meter per second, which means four men can be down in an average of just over two minutes. Normally, with current systems, you can spend as much as twenty minutes getting ready to descend and can do so with up to two men at a time. In this video, Henrico Kuijt and Jeroen Boerkamps show how the system works.

The technical part
The Evacuator is placed in the nacelle or on the Helideck. This is done in such a way that it does not interfere with the other main interventions but can still be reached easily and quickly during an emergency. It is also possible to use the Evacuator to create two reels for two different escape routes, for example, one going to the roof hatch and one to the lower rear hatch. If the team in the back of the reel is in the process of evacuating and activates to descend, the reel for the team on the roof is still inactive and they do not have to initiate at the same time.

Safety first
Of course, we would prefer that we never have to use the systems but we take the safety of the mechanics very serious. Should there ever be a need to evacuate, then preferably as quickly and safely as possible. If you would like more explanation about these systems, take a look at TeSuCon's website or contact us.

Click here to watch the explanation video.

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